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OFWs as Ambassadors to Other Nations

A group of OFW’s arriving back to the Philippines

The Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are seen as ambassadors to promote the Philippines to other countries.


Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) secretary Rosalinda Baldoz has ordered the crafting of a new orientation module for OFWs teaching them to become ambassadors of goodwill when they go abroad.


DOLE will work together with the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) in partnership with the National Commission for Culture Arts (NCCA) and the National Historical Commission (NHC) and in consultation with the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in completing the said module.


The module’s content would showcase the richness and beauty of the Philippines and would include facts on the Philippine history, cultural heritage as well as personality development courses.


It will be used in the pre-departure orientation seminar (PDOS) given to OFWs, including seafarers, household service workers and low-skilled workers that would teach them professional way of talking, dressing and how they present themselves.


Baldoz also stressed that it’s not only work that the OFWs need to be able to show and demonstrate. They must also learn to be articulate when telling the Philippine story and be expressive of national pride, as it would be beneficial to our country especially now that it is experiencing a socioeconomic resurgence.


The program aims to promote the image of the country by empowering Filipino workers deployed all over the world by sharing the knowledge about the country with the people of other nationalities.

Corabelle is the Bayanihan's Phillippine News Correspondent.