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A New book ‘Kulturang Pilipino’

Kulturang Pilipino, 250 pp, published by Minor Prints, Manila which deals with the origin of Filpino culture, aptly written in Filipino national language is now available in Manila and in Sydney.

The book should serve as a fitting cultural souvenir about the Philippines in Filipino-Australian homes. But more so as handy reference for students of Philippine language, culture and history, especially children of migrant Filipinos and those interested to be welcomed to Philippine culture.

Popularly priced at $24.00, the book is written in Filipino language. It is authored by Filipino historian now living in Sydney Mr. Renato Perdon who worked previously until his retirement as Archivist at Sydney City Archives. Mr. Perdon is also the Filipino Editor of this paper and writes a regular column on history about the Philippines and multicultural life in Australia.

Th author said extra effort had been made in writing the book in Filipino language. The book by itself can be used by Filipino parents in teaching their children under home-bound environment.

The book is divided in four parts, namely: Ancient Period, Beliefs and Superstitions, History and Biographies of selected Filipinos who have influenced Philippine history and culture. Order now from Manila Prints PO Box 1267, Darlinghurst, Sydney, NSW 2010 or at Cine Filipino Atbpa, Shop 2055, Westfield Shopping Centre, Blacktown, NSW, at $24.00, excluding postage. or Phone/Fax (02) 9313 8179, email: